Tuesday's Chinese concert in The News Tribune

Tomorrow night, we're delighted to both open the Classical Tuesdays 2011-12 season and also honor the Chinese Reconciliation Project and the newly-dedicated Fuzhou Ting. Friday's News Tribune gave a good description:

Chinese music program honors new park

By Rosemary Ponnekanti on October 7, 2011

With the Chinese Reconciliation Park just opened at the Old Town Tacoma waterfront, Tacoma has finally taken a step in throwing off its historically infamous relationship with its Chinese citizens, going some way toward apologizing for brutally evicting them in 1885. Next week, that step is honored further with a free concert of classical Chinese music in Old Town’s Slavonian Hall, preceded by an outdoor lion dance through Old Town.

The concert and dance are part of the seventh season of the Classical Tuesdays series, a free series of classical concerts presented by the Old Town business district that often goes out of the box: Upcoming concerts include a string trio, the annual opera aria fundraiser, a Tacoma composer and a medieval vocal consort.

This Tuesday kicks off with the U.S. China Music Ensemble led by Warren Chang, a Seattle-based orchestra of traditional Chinese instruments like erhu, pipa, dizi and guzheng blending to create that shimmery Asian soundscape.

When and where:
5:45 p.m. Lion Dance (begins at Gateway Park, near the Old Town Music Society on N. 30th St.)
7 p.m. Free concert by the U.S. China Music Ensemble (at Slavonian Hall, 2306 N. 30th St., Tacoma).

More information:
253-752-2135, classicaltuesdays.blogspot.com, uschinamusic.org.

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