Photo from our Valentine's concert

Elizabeth Brown, lute, and James Brown, tenor, performing Lyrical and Humorous Love Songs last week at Slavonian Hall.

We were serenaded in Italian, archaic French, Spanish and English (and Scottish brogue!) The songs in the first half of the program dated back to 1500. After an intermission in which we shared coffee, chocolates and camaraderie, we heard songs of Schubert and Beethoven (eighteenth/nineteenth century) and Joaquin Rodrigo (twentieth century.)

Love, and the joys and loss of love, have made the world spin 'round for centuries! We were all moved -- to laughter and to tears -- by the performance by Jim and Elizabeth.

We're a hot date!

The News Tribune concurs: we're a hot date. How appropriate for our Valentine's concert!

News Tribune Hot Dates
Thanks, everyone. Tuesday was wonderful, you were a great audience, and we hope to see you in September.