Photo from lute & guitar concert

Elizabeth Brown gave us a lovely season finale, with a program of lute and guitar music from around the world.

December concert: Music for Lute and Guitar

Two Sides of the Rose: Music for Lute and Guitar
Tuesday, December 12, 7 pm
Slavonian Hall, Old Town

Elizabeth Brown takes us on a world tour to England, Holland and France on Renaissance Lute, followed by exhilarating music from Spain and the Americas for classical guitar. Throughout the performance Ms. Brown will share stories about the composers, give historical context and provide insights on this wonderful music.

Listen to KUOW this afternoon!

KUOW 94.9 FM
Tuesday, Dec 12, 2 pm
Elizabeth Brown talks with Dave Beck about the history of the lute, and gives a preview of tonight's concert. 2 pm on KUOW's The Beat.

You can also download the interview later:

Nice mention in the Sunday News Tribune

The News Tribune
Sunday, Dec 10
PLU professor to perform lute, guitar music in Tacoma

"So how often do you get to hear a lute recital in Tacoma?

"Elizabeth Brown, head of the guitar and lute program at Pacific Lutheran University, will present the December evening of the series Classical Tuesdays in Old Town, sponsored by the Old Town Business District. A member of Baroque Northwest and a regular soloist and performer all along the West Coast, Brown is a highly regarded specialist in lute, archlute, theorbo, vihuela and early guitars.

"The fretted and plucked string instrument called the lute goes back to 2000 B.C., but the version Brown will play Tuesday will be the European version developed in the 15th century: eight courses (15 strings), seven frets, and a sound like soft raindrops. The instrument that followed a few centuries later, the classical guitar, has the same six strings as today, but gut strings and a different construction yield a more intimate sound. Brown uses both to travel from Renaissance England, Holland and France through to 18th-century Spain and the Americas."

Tacoma Power's Winter '06 newsletter

Classical Tuesdays is now in your utility bill!

This is an unusual--and great--way to announce a concert. Tacoma Power's Winter '06 issue of Powerline (PDF) lists Classical Tuesdays' December concert. The newsletter goes to a huge mailing list. What a great way to spread the word about arts events.

Calendar of events
Sponsored by Tacoma Power or Click! Network

Classical Tuesdays in Old Town
Renaissance Lute and Guitar perfromed by Elizabeth Brown
Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m., Slavonian Hall,
2306 N. 30th St., Tacoma. Free admission.
Contact 752-2135.
See our concert announcement for more details.

Photo from November concert

We had a wonderful concert last week with Maria Sampen, Timothy Christie, Miriam Shames and Joyce Ramée.

November concert: String Serenade

String Serenade
Tuesday, November 14, 7 pm
Slavonian Hall, Old Town

Featuring University of Puget Sound faculty Maria Sampen (pictured, right) and Timothy Christie, violin; and Joyce Ramée, viola and Miriam Shames, cello.

Music of Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998),
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750),
Luciano Berio (1925-2003),
and Aaron Jay Kernis (b. 1960)

Tacoma Weekly article, 11/9

The Tacoma Weekly
Nov 9
Concert series offers free classical music
by Todd Barker Johnson

"On the second Tuesday of each month this autumn, Tacomans are invited to get a free taste of classical chamber music, courtesy of Slavonian Hall and a few community-minded citizens with a taste for the arts.

"The classical music series known as “Classical Tuesdays in Old Town” began in the autumn of last year when the Old Town Business and Professional Association asked professional flutist Pam Ryker to arrange a new concert series for the people of Tacoma. Newly-appointed Artistic Director Ryker turned to District Manager Penelope Lucas for assistance, and the two went to work. . . .

"Most of the musicians who perform in the series are themselves from Tacoma. This includes performers from the Tacoma Symphony and music professors from local universities, such as violinist Maria Sampen and violinist/violist Timothy Christie, a married couple who both teach at the University of Puget Sound. . . .

"In addition to playing music, the musicians will often talk with the audience in between pieces, creating a more casual atmosphere than one might expect from a night of classical chamber music.

"Perhaps this casualness could explain the broad appeal of the concert series."

October concert: Loop 2.4.3 Return

Loop 2.4.3
Tuesday, October 10, 7 pm
Slavonian Hall, Old Town

Back by popular demand, percussion ensemble Loop 2.4.3 will present a lively indoor concert on the second floor of Slavonian Hall.

"Spew"ed by the Weekly Volcano

The Weekly Volcano
Oct 9
Float on air Tuesday in Old Town Tacoma

"Conventional wisdom dictates that you'd rather spend Tuesday night watching PAX TV and sharing a big bowl of prune whip with your great aunt Martha than venturing out to hear a band comprised of drums, marimba, congas and found sounds. But in this case, conventional wisdom would be wrong."

Evergreen Brass Quintet in the park

Thanks to everyone who came out Tuesday night! It was a beautiful evening in Old Town Park, and the Evergreen Brass Quintet were a great start to our season.

September concert

Evergreen Brass Quintet
Tuesday, September 12, 6 pm
Job Carr Amphitheater in Old Town Park

The Evergreen Brass Quintet opens our second season with a fanfare! The Quintet will perform musical selections ranging from marches by Pieter Hellendaal and R. Vaughn Williams, to traditional works by Mozart and Villanueva, to newer works by Giles Farnaby, Anthony Holbourne and Ludwig Maurer.

The concert will be held outdoors next to the Slavonian Hall.

It's not over till....

Thanks to everyone who helped make these chamber concerts a success! We were overwhelmed by the great response, and we're already planning Season 2!