Nice mention in the Sunday News Tribune

The News Tribune
Sunday, Dec 10
PLU professor to perform lute, guitar music in Tacoma

"So how often do you get to hear a lute recital in Tacoma?

"Elizabeth Brown, head of the guitar and lute program at Pacific Lutheran University, will present the December evening of the series Classical Tuesdays in Old Town, sponsored by the Old Town Business District. A member of Baroque Northwest and a regular soloist and performer all along the West Coast, Brown is a highly regarded specialist in lute, archlute, theorbo, vihuela and early guitars.

"The fretted and plucked string instrument called the lute goes back to 2000 B.C., but the version Brown will play Tuesday will be the European version developed in the 15th century: eight courses (15 strings), seven frets, and a sound like soft raindrops. The instrument that followed a few centuries later, the classical guitar, has the same six strings as today, but gut strings and a different construction yield a more intimate sound. Brown uses both to travel from Renaissance England, Holland and France through to 18th-century Spain and the Americas."

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