Wine & Song in The News Tribune

Today's News Tribune has a lovely feature on our December 9th "Wine & Song" benefit concert. Check out the Go Arts section - there's a great photo of baritone Charles Robert Stephens at his Fox Island home.

Wine and Song in Old Town
Craig Sailor, The News Tribune
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some talented local performers will be at this month's Classical Tuesdays in Old Town.

Baritone Charles Robert Stephens, Tenor Gino Lucchetti and Tanya Stambuk on piano will perform at the 7 p.m. concert on Dec. 9.

Stambuk is a terrific local pianist, UPS professor and national performer. Stephens is a wonderful opera singer who gave up New York to live on Fox Island. This should be a great recital, and this concert series is well worth supporting.
We completely agree! The talent is something special and it's going to be a lovely event. See the concert details here.

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