Thanks to all for a festive time and a successful benefit!

Free Picture of  Two Glasses of  Wine. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comThank you, everyone, for making Classical Tuesdays in Old Town's 2008 benefit concert both successful, and very fun. The evening of Wine & Song, held at John Connelly Law Offices, was well-attended, and the romantic songs and arias swept us around the world, and some of us off our feet!

Charles Robert Stephens, Gino Lucchetti and Tanya Stambuk performed wonderfully. And the beautiful and tasty table of sweets and savories, hosted by North End neighborhood members Chris Reynolds and Nicki Tollefson, made for a lovely reception. Excellent wines, donated by the McGavick Winery (headquartered in Old Town) were enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Old Town Starbucks, we had an urn of coffee. Trueman Appraisal staff helped print out the programs and Jim Robbins documented the event. And, a big Thank You to Eileen, Martha and Kate for helping with the reception, to Karen for greeting our guests, for John, Matt, Michael, LeiLani, Spencer, Vicki and Dave for moving chairs (Thank You to John Petrinovich and Slavonian Hall for the chairs!), and to Jack Connelly for the use of his magnificent building.

We truly appreciate the incredible support that this series receives. This benefit was a community effort and it was enjoyed by all.

We look forward to two more free concerts in the series: Saxes Galore on January 13 and Stadium Brass on February 10, 2009.

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