Classical Tuesdays Experiences Multi-media Event by Loop2.4.3

On Tuesday evening in Slavonian Hall we enjoyed a performance by percussion ensemble Loop 2.4.3 .
Thom Kozumplik, of Brooklyn, and Tacoma Symphony member Denali Williams on percussion were joined by Tom Burnett on keyboard in a live rendition of Kozumplik's Time-Machine_music (which is available to purchase). Album notes explain: "Time-Machine_music is the fourth album from Brooklyn's Loop 2.4.3, and was composed ... by the group's founder, Thomas Kozumplik. The music explores literal and figurative manipulations of time, probing the experience of time from a personal and social perspective. Underlying conflict is juxtaposed with melody, groove, counterpoint, and pulsing waves of sound and emotion, creating a cathartic journey."

Denali Williams and Thom Kozumplik
Their percussion, vocals and keyboard were supported/enhanced by slide projections provided by Seattle-based artist David Derickson.
slide projections provided by David Derickson
photos by Joanne Iverson. Thanks Joanne!

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