4 Awesome Accordionists filled Slav Hall

Awesome accordions!
Our 4 guest accordionists wowed a jam-packed Slavonian Hall on Tuesday evening. Toby Hanson gave us a brief overall story of the accordion and played a great variety of styles. Murl Allen Sanders strolled the room, playing jazz and tango. Bonnie Birch serenaded us with her lovely classical touch, and Lyle Schaefer closed the evening with another array of accordion styles. Toby, Murl, Bonnie and Lyle finished with a foot-tapping beer polka. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to Joanne Iverson we have some fun photos of the evening to share.
Murl Sanders strolls the room

Pam and Toby address a full house
And for February's event we look forward to a return performance - back by popular demand - of violinists Maria Sampen & Tim Christie. A bonus is the addition of  new UPS faculty cellist Alistair MacRae; he'll join Maria & Tim in a Beethoven Trio.

The February 9 evening concludes this, our 11th year, in Old Town. And funding and plans are already lining up for our 12th season!

Join us as we celebrate our Classical Tuesdays community!

A huge Thanks! to Dr Nicole Ancich for paying for the printing of programs.
As always, our Thanks! to Slavonian American Society for the use of their great Hall.
And we could not present these free music events without the support of Tacoma Arts Commission, John Connelly Law Offices, Kathy Manke of The Spar, SAI Music Fraternity and Ted Brown Music Store.
Hugs to all!

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