Harpist Margaret Shelton in The News Tribune

Last week The News Tribune ran a lovely profile of harpist Margaret Shelton. Come out and enjoy Margaret's storytelling on Tuesday!

Classical Tuesdays in Old Town
Oct. 8, 7pm
Slavonian Hall, 2306 N. 30th St., Old Town Tacoma
GO Arts: Harp concert in Old Town travels the world with Margaret Shelton, UPS Watson Fellow
by Rosemary Ponnekanti
October 2, 2013

The prestigious Watson Fellowship benefits the college students who win it to the tune of $25,000, funding a year-long international odyssey of academic and personal discovery. But the trickle-down benefit of the Watson comes to Tacoma audiences next Tuesday night in the form of a free harp concert of world music, given by Watson Fellow Margaret Shelton for the Classical Tuesdays in Old Town series.

Shelton won her Watson in 2011, and spent the next year wandering the world as a traveling harpist. From China to Germany, Ireland to Spain, France and even Paraguay, where the harp is the national instrument, Shelton met local harpists, learned local tunes, played traditional instruments and even learned to make her own small traveling harp to take on the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, playing music at every hostel she stayed at. ...

Next Tuesday, she’ll take the Classical Tuesdays audience around the world with her, playing everything from Chinese konghou tunes to classical French repertoire to Celtic tunes and Paraguayan folktunes. She’ll also tell the tale of the German Harfenmädchen: wandering German female harpists who traveled the Alps early last century, one of whom she met personally.

Hope to see you at Margaret's Oct. 8 Classical Tuesdays concert!

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