The Weekly calls our benefit rousing, tasty, and convivial

The Tacoma Weekly gives a perfect description of tomorrow's tango-themed benefit concert:

a full evening of rousing music, tasty treats and convivial conversation for just $25 a ticket.

For the "rousing music" part, we're delighted to present Tangoheart. Artistic director Bertram Levy is an excellent raconteur, and the group has a distinctive tango sound:
As artistic director of Tangoheart Quartet and a regular visitor to Argentina, Levy has spent more than a decade collecting and transcribing the classic orchestrations of tango....

An accomplished bandoneon player, which gives tango music its unique sound, Levy is one of the few musicians outside of Argentina to add this traditional accordion-type instrument to his tango musical ensemble. Levy and the Tangoheart players present not the stylized, overly dramatic caricature of tango seen in Hollywood films, but rather the elaborate and sophisticated conversation between two dancers that is the real tango... an art form with a history similar to that of American jazz.

When and where:

December 8th at 7pm
Connelly Law Offices, 2301 N. 30th St., Old Town Tacoma.

Tickets are $25 each, available now at
  • Bayview Optical (2217 N. 30th St.)
  • The Spar coffee shop (2121 N. 30th St.)

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