Tacoma Weekly says Tuesdays are for Old Town

Have you read your Tacoma Weekly? Classical Tuesdays leads the Tacoma Scene section with a nice piece on the October 13th opening of this year's concert series.

Tuesdays are for Old Town
Fifth season of Classical Tuesdays in Old Town welcomes world music, local talent, community pride

By Matt Nagle, Tacoma Weekly

We really appreciate that the Weekly gets what we're all about. The article touches on our fabulous performers:
Already known to audiences at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Kamand Ensemble... studied with the great masters of traditional Persian music and state that they “dedicate every performance to increasing multicultural awareness and building relationships of respect and appreciation within the community.”

Our love of both the local and the exotic...
bringing together Tacoma musicians, mixed with a few surprises to keep things fresh each season.

And our community, which provides...
the important social aspect of the concert series that people seem to enjoy so much. Musicians mingle with the audience, audience members reunite and meet newcomers and everyone gets to enjoy a bit of informal Old Town hospitality.

See you on Tuesday!

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