Classical Tuesdays 2008-2009 Season

Thanks to generous sponsors and community enthusiasm, we're delighted to announce a fourth season of Classical Tuesdays in Old Town!

We will present five chamber music concerts in 2008-09. We're developing some exciting programs, but for now we'll just tease you with the dates:

  • 14 October 2008
  • 11 November 2008
  • 9 December 2008
  • 13 January 2009
  • 10 February 2009
    All of our regular performances will be at Slavonian Hall in Old Town Tacoma, and will be free. The one exception is December, which will be our second annual benefit concert for the series.

    It's such a rare pleasure to have an intimate, genuinely "chamber" music experience, and equally rare to find free classical concerts of any sort! We truly appreciate the Old Town Business & Professionals Association's sustained commitment to the arts, which makes this series possible. Deepest thanks to Tacoma Arts Commission, Slavonian-American Benevolent Society and Tacoma Public Utilities for major sponsorship of this upcoming season, as well as their stalwart support for the past three years. In the column at left is a long list of our supporters – it's quite a community effort!

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    Anonymous said...

    one other but alas you are in Chicago. Do you have anything like this up there? Have you ever heard of classical pianist Ronnie
    ? He's a brilliant artist. If you aren't familiar with who he is, he has this organization: Ronnie Segev's TOC that donates music lessons and instruments to kids in need. He also plays around New York
    City... I found his Ronnie Segev's schedule online.

    I can get more information on him if you are interested. Oh! I almost forgot,
    I also found out that he has these Ronnie Segev's music salons where you can actually go over to his place and listen to a bunch of people try out their piano music ( singing, violin, etc) on one another.