Greet the New Year with a Bang!! January 8

Last evening's concert featured the University of Puget Sound Percussion Ensemble Quintet, Director Amy Putnam, co-Director Gunnar Folsom, and members Gordon Robbe, Andy Lum and Mitch Knottingham. We all had a bang-up time!

The program was so varied, and the array of instruments was amazing. No wonder that it required 4 hours to move the equipment! But the concert was well worth the effort. Everyone performed wonderfully. Such a variety of timbres and rhythms, and combinations of those elements. Mallet instruments -- marimbas and xylophone -- were at the forefront in each number except Russell Peck's Lift Off which featured bass drums!

Other numbers performed were three of Bach's Two Part Inventions, Dill Pickles by Charles Johnson, Back Talk by Harry Breuer and Limejuice by Arthur Lipner. The evening was great fun and well attended.

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