Bobble Tiki love in The Volcano

From the Nov. 13th Weekly Volcano:

Bobble Tiki’s never been one to hide his prejudices, so he’s just going to come right out and say it: Bobble Tiki loves Brazilian music. He loves Rita Lee from Os Mutantes and could listen to Astrid Gilberto reading the phone book. These days he’s got a little thing for Juju Stulbach, the actress and dancer turned sultry crooner for Mosquitos. All these people will not play the South Sound tonight. Drat.

Wait. Here’s an intriguing substitute. Classical Tuesdays in Old Town Tacoma will host Viva la Musica tonight at the Slavonian Hall. Bobble Tiki is talking chamber music by composers of South American as well as the Caribbean and Europe.

Brazilian soul on flute and clarinet is so sexy. — Bobble Tiki
Thank you, Bobble Tiki. We find you irresistible too.

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